Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

This was the post I was working on yesterday...

The first part of this week I fell seriously ill. I had to go to the hospital due to asthma issues. I'm quite fond of breathing so I put aside my plans and made self care a priority. It was raining anyway, so my plans for clearing brush wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Today I was breathing much better. The sun was shining. It was absolutely GORGEOUS out! After three days on steroids I could clear out brush in no time, right?  No.

I was given some transplants for the church so I had to get them in the ground first. They were looking a little droopy so they got top billing. I went over to the church property and put them in. While I was doing that my spade broke. That  slowed down the process considerably. Have you ever tried to dig with a handle-less spade? Not fun. Very slow. After I got everything in the ground  I turned on the irrigation to give everything a good soaking. Nothing happened. The hose was attached to the spigot, but it was shot. Someone had used the hose for something plumbing related in a nearby house and had left the hose out all winter. The hose was full of holes. It fell apart in my hands. I grabbed a new hose and tried to hook it up. The old one wouldn't come off.  I had no way to get water to my pathetic looking transplants. I will be going back later  with a bucket and a prayer to see if I can get them enough water to keep them alive. 

Then my 11 year old got hit in the face with a baseball bat.

 I did not go back to water. We spent the next several hours in the Emergency Room. Today  we're sicking close to home. So hopefully we'll have some divine intervention with the transplants.

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