Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rambling Update Post

 This past weekend I joined with the community for a work day at the church. Volunteers came and scrubbed the church inside and out. We also used a fair amount of wood chips from a tree that had been taken out as mulch in the flower and herb beds. We also added fallen leaves to our compost bins.  I was the only woman that worked outside. I could go deep in that, but I don't have the energy. We will have a work day in a few weeks to prepare more beds and set some more plants in the garden. 

The kale and collards that we overwintered in the low tunnel are ready to harvest. I look forward to tweaking the design and adding more this winter. There is a suburban farmer that specializes in tunnel production that I am going to visit with a professor in early April. I can't wait to see her designs and see how her system can be adapted to work downtown at the church. 

I also worked on getting a new chicken coop made this weekend. I am trolling craigslist, ebay and our local chicken keepers co op to see if I can gather materials. I would like a ready made one or someone to make one for me because I just don't have any time to do it myself. School is winding down, so my workload there is insane.

Also, I have hit the motherload of free inputs. I have been given a truckloads worth of leaves from a woman who failed to get her yard cleaned up this past fall. She doesn't use any chemicals so I know they will be great for my compost.

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